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La Vida Mexicana

Guadalupe enjoys painting her beloved Mexico and it's people. She truly captures these subjects in photographic detail and vivid colors. Often incorporating her children, family or friends in her work. Because of her knowledge for the real Mexican life style, Curriculum Press asked her to do illustrations for the Public Schools books, which are used all over the United States.

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Amie 16x20 Oil.
Los Compadres 16x20 Watercolor.
Alejandra 36x42 Oil.
Mi Charrito 16x20 Oil.

Lupines 16x20 Oil.
The Market 12x16 Watercolor.
Chinatecas Embroidering 30x36 Oil.
Look Mami 22x28 Oil.

Beautiful Fruit 12x16 Oil.
Los Jarros 20x24 Oil.
Easy Spirit 24x30 Oil.
Flower Girl 16x20 Oil.

La Serenata 22x28 Oil.
Waiting 22x28 Oil.
Mi Burrito 16x20 Oil.
Doll Maker 20x24 Oil.

Campanario 18x24 Oil.
Guanajuato 16x20 Oil.
Potter 16x20 Watercolor.
Tianguis 24x36 Oil.

Tarahumara 30x36 Oil.
Tarde de Torros 24x36 Oil.
Arre! Mi Burrito 36x48 Oil.
At the Fountain 20x24 Oil.

Going Home 24x36 Oil.
Getting Water 12x16 Oil.
Good Apple 22x28 Oil.
Huichol 15x30 Oil.

Leyendo a Abuelita 30x36 Oil.
Mexican Still Life 24x30 Oil.
Mexican UPS 30x36 Oil.
Pedrito 20x24 Oil.

Weaving 22x28 Oil.
Water Carrier 16x20 Oil.
The Potato Sellers 12x16 Oil.
Resting 15x20 Oil.