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Native American Pots

In admiration to the Native American Culture, Guadalupe loves to paint their beautiful pots and enjoys putting them into different surroundings or a third dimensional effect.

Left Click on any of the following pics to view the larger image!

Pots No.1 20x24 Oil.
Pots No.2 16x20 Oil.
Pots No.3 16x20 Oil.
Pots No.4 24x30 Oil.

Pots No.5 24x30 Oil.
Pots No.6 16x20 Oil.
Pots No.7 16x20 Oil.
Pots No.8 16x20 Oil.

Pots No.9 16x20 Oil.
Pots No.10 24x36 Oil.
Pots No.11 18x24 Watercolor.
Pots No.12 18x24 Acrylic.

Pots No.13 24x36 Oil.
Pots No.14 24x30 Oil.
Pots No.15 24x30 Oil.
Pots No.16 24x30 Oil.

Pots No.17 24x30 Oil.